Fire Safety Plans

A fire safety plan is a document often required to meet the Ontario Fire Code, that describes the procedures for preparedness and response to fire emergencies. A well-written plan protects building occupants and businesses by increasing safety and reducing liability.  Fire safety plans are required by the Ontario fire code based on building use or occupancy types.  After the plan has been prepared, it must be submitted to your local fire department for approval.  A copy of the approved fire safety plan must be available during an emergency for fire department use.

Rapid Response Event Services will design a custom fire safety plan for your building or place of business.  We will provide you with all required drawings, paperwork and equipment required to have your fire safety plan approved. We can design fire safety plans for a number of different occupancies including hospitality, residential, commercial, light industrial, and restaurants. Each fire safety plan is customized to the individual facility. 

To complete the design of a fire safety plan for your business, we will complete a site inspection of your location and document the fire safety equipment and resources available. We will customize a fire safety plan to mirror the unique configuration of your location and recommend the most efficient emergency procedures. Working with your existing site and floor plan, evacuation routes and fire safety equipment locations will also be marked on your detailed floor plans. Our team will also manage the entire process of submitting your fire safety plan to local fire departments for review and approval.

Rapid Response Event Services can also manage your entire fire plan for your building or business by over seeing your fire plan, fire drills, inspections of all your fire safety equipment giving you the ability to concentrate on running other aspects of your business.

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